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not be able to exterminate the Indians by shell-
fire. So disastrous had been the first two attacks
on the thicket that orders were issued from
mounted police headquarters forbidding the
mounties from making any further raids.
Enough lives had been lost, and it was realized
that field operations must now be adopted.

As the stillness of night crept over the field
on that fatal Friday evening. Almighty Voice
shouted out of the bluff to the troops:

£We have had a good fight to-day. I have
worked hard and I am hungry. You have plenty
of food; send me some, and to-morrow we'll finish
the fight/

When this message was interpreted to the
mounted police they were struck with surprise,
But it was the Indian's code: fair fight, fair game,
no bad feeling in the heart* It may be hard to
believe, but, Almighty Voice admired the dashing
courage of the mounted police fully as much as
he did that of his two boy companions. The
Indian loves the brave, strong-fighting opponent
and hates the weak, cowardly adversary,

Early the next morning a crow flew over the
thicket in which the three Indians were hiding.
. . . *TangP went Almighty Voice's gun, and
the crow dashed headlong Into the bush, to be
devoured raw by the hungry Indians. One of
the mounties remarked: 'Isn't it queer? That